Boatfloat Boatlifts - My “BoatFloat Boatlift” started to fall apart in my dock. Seller did NOT honor the warranty.

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I purchased a Boatfloat Boatlift in May 2012. I gave them all my boat's specifications and they sold me the model they deemed appropriate. After several delays I received A KIT for it in September 2012 and had to hire two men to assemble it. When I purchased the boatfloat, their website's video stated that it would be "DELIVERED TO THE DOCKSIDE COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED". It ended up costing me over $1,000 for boat yard and assembly costs.

A gap started to form between two of the floats just a week after I towed it and installed it at my dock. I also noticed that the lift barely lifted the hull above the water. The company sent a repairman to fix the gap, but it started forming again after a few days.

On October 5th, 2012 I informed Boatfloat Boatlifts that the gap was just as big as when it got fixed. After several emails, the company finally sent another repairman IN DECEMBER. By this time the gap had gotten so big that the locking mechanism had fallen off and two of the float pieces seemed to be coming off. The repairman also had to fix one of the carpeted bunks where the boat sits. It had fallen off. I had to keep my boat in dry storage for weeks while all this was fixed.

The float worked okay until early February 2013, when the gap came back. I informed the company about it. I also told them about some leaks in the pump and that the lift was even lower than before, making the bottom of the hull sit on the water. The company then emailed me saying that my boat was too heavy for the lift, so they were VOIDING THE WARRANTY and would not pay for any further repairs. So I got the boat weighted to prove that this was not the problem. It came out about 1,000 lbs below the float’s maximum capacity, with the gas tank nearly full and all the original equipment. The company didn’t believe this weight, so I told them to get it weighted themselves. They never did.

The float started to fall apart in my rented boat slip: the gap kept getting bigger and two of the carpeted bunks fell off. So in April 2013 I gave it away on Craigslist for $1 so I could use my slip again and for fear of it coming apart completely and damaging the other boats at my marina.

I believe this product does not work well in areas where the water gets rough regularly. Even the company’s own mechanic stated in writing l that the Boatfloat’s DESIGN needed improvement. My marina gets rough often, so I chose this product over others mainly because their website boasts that the Boatfloat is “very stable in rough water conditions”.

I started the arbitration process that the contract called for but the company ignored it. I could probably sue them for this but I believe that they will probably go bankrupt soon and I’ll be stuck with the attorney fees. So to sum things up: I lost over $14,000 dollars for believing in this Company’s advertising and purchasing their product.

Review about: Boatfloat Model A.

Monetary Loss: $14000.


Friendswood, Texas, United States #1213249

My husband and I made the same horrible mistake in investing thousands of dollars in boat float boat lifts. The lift never worked properly and as of last week broke on one side leaving our boat at a 30 degree angle in the slip.

He tried repeatedly to have boat float honor its warranty and get the thing working properly and they never did. We resorted to sending a demand letter via attorney that was sent back unopened.

All we wanted was the lift to work as promised.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #859311

I too have dealt with this man. I urge everyone to stay far clear of him.

He is a fraud and misrepresents his product as well as his company. His mouth is full of lies. I feel for this person.

If it makes you feel any better, you are certainly not the only person.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States #753168

Customer overloaded BoatFloat with a vessel that, per the manufacturer, weighed more than 2,500 pounds greater than the capacity of the lift!

to Company #755895

This is a blatant LIE! I sent all the manufacturer's specs to Boatfloat and they sold me the model that would fit my boat according to THEIR wet weight calculations. And as I stated above, I later got the boat 'wet weighted' at a local marina and it came out over 1,000 lbs BELOW the lift's maximum capacity.

I have written proof of this and a couple of witnesses who saw the boat getting weighted and who heard the weight when the forklift operator yelled it to the manager.


to Company #1014239

Company your ***. How could he if you SENT HIM THE CORRECT ONE HE ORDERED FOR HIS BOAT IDIOTS. thank GOD I found this site and decided NOT to order one.

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